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How To Uninstall 360 Total Security Antivirus Program

Antivirus programs are the police who guard our systems from unwanted attackers. We keep more important stuff in our computer systems and mobile phones than in our bank lockers. So it is very important that we take care of their complete safety. Unethical hackers have no limits and you might need to uninstall and install 360 Total Security Antivirus Programs for a quick update.  Among all of the antivirus program, 360 Total Security is known as the most comprehensive and optimized antivirus software which is used on a higher level by users to protect their device from harmful threats. It comes with multiple editions, include multiple Android devices and hence it meets the budgets and fulfills the security needs of users.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to uninstall 360 antivirus program. If you need any assistance for the same, you can reach to us by dialing 360 Total Security Customer Support Number 1-800-764-852. The team will guide you in the entire process of uninstalling this software.

Following Are The Steps To Uninstall This Antivirus Program

  • First of all, go to the ‘start button’, then hit on ‘control panel’ and finally click on ‘Programs and Features’.
  • Look for the 360 total security, press twice on the entry and perform the steps given the under uninstall process.
  • If the program will ask running, it will try to confirm from you that you have to uninstall the antivirus software so hit on ‘continue’.
  • After completing the procedure, a popup window will appear with a question that whether you delete the program for permanent. Press on ‘yes’ and soon you will be notified of the completed uninstalling procedure.
  • Shut down your PC fully before restarting it again to make sure that there are no files remaining from the program.
  • If there are some files then go to the start menu, choose a computer, then local disc and program files. Find the 360 folder (if it’s there) and delete it.
  • 360 Total Security, as well as Essential, is free for users apart from some value added services like premium support.

A One Stop Online 360 Total Security Customer Support For Technical Glitches

For further details, you can contact us by dialing 360 Total Security Customer Support Australia 1-800-764-852. The team will listen and understand to your queries and offer you with the best of solutions. They are available 24/7 and are very well aware of the probable issues and how to solve them. You can reach to them for help at any time around the clock. You can also visit 360 Internet Security Support to get troubleshooting tips for protecting your device from malicious attacks.