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How To Clean Up Your PC With 360 Total Security Support

Most of the users don’t clean their PC until something doesn’t happen wrong with their device. For every usage like office work, college work or personal work, everybody needs a device which would perform without any interruption. That is why we should regularly clean up our device which is an absolute must. It ensures that your PC is working efficiently and smoothly. Cleaning up the device to improve the performance is equally important. Apart from it, there are times when you have used several storage devices right from connecting the cell phone to pen drives; there are chances the virus might get transferred to the system. Regular clean-up of the computer system is a necessity. For this purpose, 360 Total Security is the best antivirus program which protects your device from major threats and viruses which you might face during working online.

You can also consult the experts of 360 Total Security Support team for any technical help and guidance required for instructions. You can make a call at 360 Total Security Support Number 1-800-764-852 on which our skilled experts are 24*7 available to provide you help anywhere, anytime.

Follow Below-Mentioned Directions To Clean Up Your Device

Step 1: First of all, users have to download the 360 Total Security antivirus on PC. After installing, go to the file location and double click on the icon to open the app. Now select the language and click on “Continue”

Step 2:- After installing the application, the user has to open the file and go to the toolbar section which located in the left. Now tap on the “Full Check” for a scan the full PC. This check includes virus detection, space issues, Security and many other things.

Step 3:- Once a check will be done, it shows the issues found on the PC. Now the user has to click on “Repair” and fix all the issues of PC. The long report will show the solution for the issues.

Guidelines To Solve The Issues With Computer

To perform a virus scan:

If a user wants to perform a virus scan, click on the tab named “Virus Scan” Now its wish of user to choose a Full scan, Quick Scan or Custom Scan of PC. If a user doesn’t want to scan some specific files, it can be added in “Trust List”

To monitor start-up entries:

On the left side of Application, there is a tab named “Speedup”. The user has to click on that particular tab which allows them to find and remove the unnecessary Start-up programs and background programs.

To clean up PC files:

On the left side of the toolbar, click on the “Clean up” tab.  Users have to select the files and locations so that application can delete the files from that selected area.

To keep PC updated:

If a user wants to update their PC, they have to click on the “Tool Box” tab which is located on the left side. From that place, select “Patch Up.”

Ensure Safety Of Your System- 360 Total Security Technical Support 1-800-764-852

360 Total Security provides you high protection from any unwanted trojans and threats. These small steps can help anyone to clean their Computer.  Avail 360 Internet Security Support to keep your 360 Total Security software updated and redeem the sudden issues in your software. And if there is an issue in cleaning up the computer system, you can call on 360 Total Security Support Number Australia 1-800-764-852 and get support from the team.